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Tezos Foundation collection curated by Misan Harriman

The following four works are now part of the permanent collection of the Tezos Foundation

Blue summer night

I just want to fade

Fade away into oblivion

On this blue summer night

Minted on : June 15 2022

Collected on : July 27 2022

NFT linkBlue Summer Night (


Locked Within

A collaboration with poet Shahnaz Ahmed ;

Painting and animation by Seemab Zaheera


Rusty doors bolted me in

My mind trapped

Searching for the impossible release

A key, that I hold

But I cannot see

I cannot access

So distant

While the dark storms rage within

Minted on : Jan 7 2023

Collection on : Feb 3 2023

NFT Link : Locked Within (


I was about to rise

I slipped again...

Life had other plans

How long will I stumble?

How long will I fail?

How long can I persist?

Can I hold on?

Bring the storm and watch me rise

I will get back up

I will succeed

I will survive

Minted on : Nov 30 2022

Collected on : Feb 3 2022

NFT linkSurvival (


Nothing is ever clearly chalked out

You need to explore




One step at a time

Perhaps a leap, at times

In this never-ending journey called


Minted on : Dec 1 2022

Collection on : Feb 3 2023

NFT Link : Journey (

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